Fireporks £3.50
Pork chop fire engines.

Finest Philip O'Connor poems in Extra Virgin olive oil.

Tomato Village (1 min) £4.50
Tomato salad served in tomato village.

Cream of Chicken & Mushroom & Tomato Soup £2.00

Bean on Toast (V) 50p
Delicious haricot bean served in tomato sauce on a raft of toasted b/w bread.

Emancipated Olives (3½ min) £4.50


Plaster Penne (V) £6.00

Brick Curry (V) £6.00
Delicious authentic curry made lovely with London Bricks, served with rice, nan bread and onion bhajis.

Fry-Up Gymkhana (½ min) £4.50
Full English breakfast served in Gymkhana.

Pound Coin Pizza £20.00

Found Coin Pizza  £3.62

Hot Dog   £4.00

Brenda Burger   £8.50
With onion, gherkin, cheese, lettuce, red sauce, 'n' fries 'n' a drink.

Vegetable Cabbage (V) £2.10

Vegetable Cabbage w/Salad (vV) £2.50

Sausage Box £10.00

Surf ‘n’ Turf £1.50
Organic free range Scotch langoustine on ham.

Char-Grilled Crab £18.00
Locally sourced Crab smoked for 18 hours in our own smoke hole.

Bible Dippers £3.60
Breaded bible with ranch dressing & spunky BBQ sauce.

Spinach & Computer Pie £4.30


Eggs 'n' Peas (V) £2.00

Eggs 'n' Mushy Peas (V) £2.00

Mushy Eggs 'n' Mushy Peas (V) £2.29

Egg 'n' Pegs £1.80

Eggy Bread (V) £2.00

Eggy Bread in Breadcrumbs (V) £2.60

Bready Egg in Eggcrumbs (V) £3.90

Soft Boiled Egg (V) £3.00
Traditional soft boiled egg served in an Vacuum cleaner egg cup.

Snacks & Rolls*

All our rolls are Premium Rolls from the Rolls of the World series, served with a fresh lettuce and tomato appurtenance or full sachets of complimentary condiments.

Cheese Roll (V) £1.20

Ham Roll £1.20

Cheese 'n' Ham Roll (½V) £2.40

Bacon Roll £1.60

Bacon & Egg Roll £2.20

Sausage, Bacon & Egg Roll £2.80

Sandwich Roll £3.00

*Free from Juicy Germs.

Luxury Toast (V) £2.00
Chocolate Spread with tangerine segments on toast.

Cheese on Book (V) £2.00

Cheese & Pickle Book (V) £2.90

Bee L T £3.10

Quick Sandwich £1.00


Bread 'n' Buttons £1.50

Mixed Media Salad 1 (V) £2.50

Mixed Media Salad 2 (V) £2.50

Mixed Media Salad 3 (V) £2.60

Mixed Media Salad 4 (V) £2.50

Mixed Media Salad 5 (V) £2.50

Mirrors in Vinegar (V) £3.00


1st Ever Polish-Israeli Fruit Salad £2.60
Made by Kashanti.

Watermelon Jewellery                              £3.20

Snowball                               £8.00
Snowball w/ Ice Cream                    £8.50

Mashed Banana                     £0.50
Double Mashed Banana        £1.00

Shampoo Split £2.20
Banana split sloshed in sun kissed raspberry herbal shampoo with juniper and camomile extracts for normal/dry hair.

Yoghurt and peach smoothie conditioner for normal hair with raspberry JELLY.

Tangerine Tartine£1.00
Traditional French tartine slurped in summery aromatic tangerine shower gel.

Rolo-Polo Cake£2.50

Earplug Cake£2.50


Orange (V) £1.00

Milk (V) £0.50

Milk 'n' Orange (V) £1.50

Stout ((½ min) £3.00

Can Drinks £1.00
Delicious and nutritious fruity/veg drinks fresh from the tin can.